Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ian's Olympic Thoughts

You know in our personal lives, being able to step back is often a way of getting a different perspective and seeing thing in the round. And actually, the same is true for large events on occasion.  I’ve been very aware of this this summer, because I’m three thousand, five hundred miles away from where the Olympics are taking place.  And they look very different from outside. 

So, here I am this morning, I turn on the TV while I’m having a little breakfast, because I know there’s one particular American network that has the rights to the Olympics, and they, every morning, broadcast, of course they talk about what happened the day before and who won medals and so forth, but not just that, they also have very fetching backdrops always: Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the Olympic Park itself, whatever, whatever. And it’s an unbelievable PR exercise for London and the UK.  And I have to say, both are looking rather good.  Very favourable coverage, all sorts of things like you know, between talking about the events, they’ll be off on a little film report going down Portabella Road, going off to Borough Market, how to make cheese- British cheese making, and so on and so forth, Beefeaters, but then also the more serious side of ‘well what does it take to become a London guide?’ it’s actually really hard work, and they tracked somebody doing it.  Or again, one of the reporters remarked how, last night, they were walking around and noticed that near the Olympic Village, there was an old brick wall and it had bullet holes in it.  And they’re from the Second World War. 

And I saw a report, also on the TV, about the part of London, that is now the Olympic Village and what it was like, how it was bombed into the ground during the Second World War, and the kind of spirit of survival that captured the times, and saw people through.  Remarkable.  All of that courtesy of the Olympics. And the opening ceremony, well I don’t know, I don’t know what the overall take will be on it, but certainly from over here, it’s seen as more quirky British humour, which is just fine, and Bond and the Queen.  You know, forever going to be remembered, I think. 

So all in all, a very interesting experience, where there is a definite sense of celebration of the host country, as well as the events being well handled, you know, the logistics working, which is of course again, a good report card, it could be said.  And there are things like a thousand year old British pub, that they found, I didn’t even think there was one. 

So, a different take, and the Olympics, a delight to watch, and outstanding gymnasts, for instance, last night for me, the American Women’s Team, utterly dazzling.  But at the same time, an enormous amount of good will being generated, and even with the athletes saying things.  For instance, one of them was talking about the Village, you know the Olympic Village, saying how remarkable it is to be able to walk to events that you are participating in.  and that this is almost unheard of, so a certain village theme about it too.  Well, pretty good. 

So, a different take on the Olympics, and the games continue.  Good news!  ‘Till the next time. 

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